Little known facts about Melchoir Flinspach (Flinchbaugh)

The following pages are from J. M. Flinchbaugh  (Historian) This is part of what he wrote in 1928 in the town of  York, Pennsylvania.  J M is in the line of Frederick Flinchbaugh

  In writing a historical sketch I am not actuated by any false pride nor do we boast of great men and women, but we write the chronicles of a family who are very numerious in York County, Penna.   A family who settled here prior to the war for independence.   A family that gave three brothers to fight for the independence of the land of their adoption, a family that played an important part in the religious life of the community in which they lived in the pioneer days.
  To the members of this family who fought in three great wars of our country, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the World War, as well as to others who did their bit in the vocations of Peace this booklet is dedicated.

                                      J. M. Flinchbaugh
                                                  Red Lion, Pa

June 23, 1928
What sought they thus afar ?
Bright jewels of the mine ?
The wealth of seas, the spoils of war ?
They sought a faith's pure shrine.
J.M.Flinchbaugh is buried in the Freysville Church Cemetery Born 1879    Died 1947
His father is buried in the same cemetery,  J M's father
Jacob T Flinchbaugh has a GAR marker on his grave
Part One

All spelling and pronuncation as found in
Original Text of JM Flinchbaugh

1866 Flinchbaugh Baptism Certificate  - daughter of John & Julian

J M Flinchbaugh spoke of him in his Flinchbaugh famly report,
John Flinchbaugh lived in Melchoir's House in as late as 1916
I believe all the early houses are still standing in
and around Arbor / Adamsville / Felton / Dallastown, Pa  (as of 2003)
J M Flinchbaugh  Author of the Flinchbaugh Article,
buried at Freysville Church  Cemetery
Lauffen Wurttemberg
The place where Melchior Flinspach
and his small family
came from

The German Records
of his family are located in Lauffen Germany
Jacob T Flinchbaugh was J M Flinchbaugh's father.
His grave has a GAR Marker
Robert (Bob) Flinchbaugh of Dallastown Pa
(Robert's father  was Jerome Flinchbaugh, see Part III)
J.M. Flinchbaugh "Flinchbaugh Historian" was a Pennsylvania State Assemblyman
In Harrisburg for the district of Dallastown, Pennsylvania.
J.M. Flinchbaugh's term of office was 1923-1927 also 1931-1938.

J.M. Flinchbaugh's full name was
"Jacob Miller Flinchbaugh"
His genealogy
Included you will see Original
items from the
1928 Flinchbaugh Family Reunion
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